150 gallon reef tank for sale

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    Bought a house can't move the tank with me not enough room I have had it about 3 years or so it has about 200 lbs of rock and about 100 lbs of hawaii black sand only have 5 fish two yellow watch man gobies one black and white damsel one tomato Clown and a starfish .. 75 gallon a day ro unit comes with it .. also have a 5 gallon top off tank with pump . Has two AI leds and the contol for the phone app gfo/carbon filter has a protin skimmer and lot of other stuff asking 1500
  2. reefjunky2

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    Not sure how to post pics any more can contact me at 501-840-1823
  3. Any sps to be sold?
  4. reefjunky2

    reefjunky2 Administrator

    No sps only a single softy in the tank
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