180 Bow Front -- w/corals and livestock -- 1200

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    IMG_20180115_224443.jpg IMG_20180115_173746.jpg IMG_20180115_224447.jpg IMG_20180115_173746.jpg IMG_20180115_224447.jpg 180+ Gallon Bow Tank and Stand – LR -- $1,250



    4 inch yellow tang

    4.5 inch powder brown tang (such a lovely fish – great fun to watch with the yellow tang);

    3 Oscellaris clowns (stable – been together for 3 years);

    2 firefish;

    6-line wrasse;

    Royal Urchin

    Misc cleanup crew members (hundred+

    Various coral (lots of Kenya trees; 9 heads of frogspawn; green meat coral; few green mushrooms; red montipora; baseball sized green palyzoa bunch)

    ~150 pounds of live rock (that’s a guess; I had 90 and then got some with the tank) – it’s all been alive and upwards of five years;


    55 gallon modified as sump;

    LED lights;

    Return pump;

    Two Little fishes reactor and pump;

    Various powerheads;

    In-sump freshwater top off;

    Heaters (various);

    Heaps of misc reef tank “stuff” (testing kits, additives, etc.)

    It’s been a great tank, and has all the room you’d ever need to get that one fish you’ve been craving. I’d love to keep it, but alas, family responsibilities are making it hard to give it the TLC it deserves.

    If you have any questions, please PM me, or give me a call (202) 302-3985.

    (P.S. $90 bluezoo.com credit if you get it in the next couple of weeks).




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