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Discussion in 'New Tank Builds' started by Jake atkinson, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Jake atkinson

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    So the plans have started for a new tank upgrade from my current 125 gallon. I just picked up the tank yesterday from the freight company in little rock. I got a bit worried with the manpower I had when I saw they had to load the tank on the truck with a forklift. The crate said it was 500 pounds!! Yikes!! Luckily my friend came up with a great idea using pallets I had at the house to help unload it into the garage. I will definitely be hiring a company who is insured to move the tank into the house on the stand when it is finished.
    So the stand is being custom made with older more dense oak wood for strength and support. There will also be a separate cabinet made to go next to the tank to house all the electronics and controller system and RO top off reservoir. This guy does amazing work so I cant wait to see it when its finished.
    We will be driving out to Denver , Colorado to pick up the custom sump in October. It is being made by Jeff at lifereef. Reason for the drive is that the freight company was going to cost between $6-700 to deliver on a crate. So if I am going to pay that I might as well make a mini vacation out of it for enjoyment. I am keeping all the same equipment from my current tank. All of my pumps and power heads are overpowered anyways. Of course I did that on purpose just in case I upgraded later. Just a hunch..lol..well later is here...one thing that i will add is another eco tech m1 return pump for extra flow and redundancy as a back up. And one thing that is changing is that I am swapping out my digital aquatics reefkeeper for a new apex neptune system that I recently bought. This system wont be finished for about another 2 months so I will update the post with pictures as things progress. It will all be started with new sand and reef saver rock from bulk reef supply which I have already ordered and ready to go. Here are a couple pictures of the tank in the garage after unloading it. It is 48"long by 37-1/2 wide by 24" high. It is a rimless with an external overflow that spans the width of the tank for good surface skimming. It will be viewable from both side. Pretty much like a peninsula style tank. I hope this will be something people may be interested in following. I have never posted a build thread before. Thanks for reading.

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  2. Botheboss

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    Wow! This sounds amazing! I actually moved my tank around by myself with pieces of pvc pipe as rollers. Like ancient Egyptians lol, the sketchy part was getting it on the stand. Can’t wait to see this thing filled up.
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  3. Jake atkinson

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    Yeah this thing will need to be turned on its side to go into the door. Probably need those glass suction cup holders or something. I will leave that to the expert movers. I just dont trust myself enough to do it without breaking it..lol...its definitely going to be hard looking at it in the garage empty for the next 2 months waiting for the stand and sump to be built.
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  4. huntindoc

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    Wow! This will be epic. Can't wait to see this thing go live!
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  5. Jake atkinson

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    Thanks doc...that makes two of us!
  6. SilentReefer

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    Exciting! You'll be able to create a lot of depth with those dimensions!
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  7. Jake atkinson

    Jake atkinson Member

    Yeah I definitely wanted more depth to work with this time around. I am excited to do the aquascape.
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  8. cameronkclements

    cameronkclements RRMAS Supporter

    That’s super exciting, don’t forget to document the process. Is the 125 for sale?
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  9. Jake atkinson

    Jake atkinson Member

    Yes it will be for sale after I transfer the fish and corals over to the new system. How detailed would you like to see things? Never done a build thread before.
  10. cameronkclements

    cameronkclements RRMAS Supporter

    Document it as much as you can. Let’s see every stage. You’ve posted empty tank. I would do a all equipment post. New stand with empty tank. After hard scape is in. After fish and coral are swapped over and system is up and running. And then do like a 6 month update.
  11. Jake atkinson

    Jake atkinson Member

    Yeah cool, I will definitely do all of that then.

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