20 gallon Hex

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  1. Im still trying to work out what i want before I start building.

    I'm thinking about building a full extension bottom drawer for the sump. Unions on all hard plumbing and valves.

    I've been looking at return line manifolds and like the simplicity of one pump. Anyone have posivive or negative experience with a return system and manifolds?
  2. Thinking about cutting the 5 gallon tank to the right to a 2.5 gallon ATO tank. Using an aqualifter controlled the aqualifter to supply a kalk reactor for my ato.

    Coming off the return i have room for at least a 3 valve manifold to supply reactors

    Any thoughts are truly appreciated.
  3. Glass is dirty but finally have the rockwork done

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  4. Pegged everything together with carbon fiber rod and a whole lot of CA glue

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