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Discussion in 'Club Meeting Info' started by doubleorange, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. doubleorange

    doubleorange Member

    Hi Razorback Reefers,

    Everyone is invited to my dad's house for the August 19th meeting! My Dad lives in Diamondhead in Hot Springs. The link below will take you to the location on Google Maps and then you can click "directions" and enter your starting point for a customized route.

    Google Maps to 118 Blue Moon Terrace

    Diamondhead is a gated community so when you get there just pull over to the guard shack and tell them you are there to see Allan Magee at 118 Blue Moon Terrace. The guard will give you a personalized map to my dad's house a few minutes away.

    Allan Magee
    118 Blue Moon Terrace
    Hot Springs, AR 71913

    We look forward to seeing our reefing friends and guests are welcome! I'll post food details in a following post shortly.

    Corey Magee
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  2. doubleorange

    doubleorange Member

    A few pics...


    20160220_183749_HDR.jpg 20151129_174250.jpg
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  3. doubleorange

    doubleorange Member

    I will be selling some Bangaii Cardinalfish at the event. I will sell them for $5 each to club members and $50 each for non-members. Limit 2 per customer. I have eight for sale.

    They are larger than in the photo now and they are eating frozen mysis.

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  4. LJC6780

    LJC6780 RRMAS Supporter

    Oh! I think I want a couple!

    Will we also be doing the viewer demonstration?

    I so can't wait to see this tank and possibly I want to see the fish room even more!
  5. LJC6780

    LJC6780 RRMAS Supporter

    Will there be a raffle or anything this time? If so, I can bring a frag or two to donate to the pot.
  6. doubleorange

    doubleorange Member

    Yes, I could do a quick solvent welding, flame polishing and abrasive polishing demonstration on a coral viewer. And/or talk about tank automation a bit.

    Here is a pic of the sump I built for the B.A.R.T. system.

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  7. doubleorange

    doubleorange Member

    I'm good with a quick raffle or auction or both. I can put up a large sour apple bird's nest.
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  8. doubleorange

    doubleorange Member

    My dad said that he will be serving BBQ RIBS and BAKED BEANS.

    Let me know what you are interested in bringing. Thanks. :)
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  9. LJC6780

    LJC6780 RRMAS Supporter

    I've got plates, paper towels, SOME utensils and SOME cups ... I'll have to see how many cups and utensils there are because I'm not sure if there are enough ...
  10. Fishbait

    Fishbait RRMAS Supporter

    Need to check and make sure I can make it. If so, I will bring something food. Maybe salad, maybe side.
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  11. DCHarrington

    DCHarrington Vice President Staff Member

    We will bring the drinks
  12. Fishbait

    Fishbait RRMAS Supporter

    May also take a couple of banggais
  13. Fishbait

    Fishbait RRMAS Supporter

    Do we know what the coral is this round?
  14. Molli

    Molli RRMAS Supporter

    YAY! I randomly have the day off for this AND it's local to me! The stars have aligned! I'm so exicted!
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  15. doubleorange

    doubleorange Member

    Good deal. We look forward to seeing you guys soon.
  16. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Outstanding Molli! I will be there. I'll bring chips (several bags) . Would be great if y'all can tell me what types of chips you like....otherwise you get what I like (sour cream and Lay's classic) :p

    Fishbait, I'm pretty sure the coral will be an acan this time.
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  17. GLJ

    GLJ RRMAS Supporter

    I have a small colt coral I'll donate to the cause. I'll bring a desert.
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  18. roco

    roco RRMAS Supporter

    I will bring potato salad from Whole Hog Café.
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  19. cameronkclements

    cameronkclements RRMAS Supporter

    Amanda and I will be there, what do we need to bring?
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  20. Fishbait

    Fishbait RRMAS Supporter

    My making this meeting is becoming more and more doubtful. Am I out of luck on the pair of banggai's or would some kind soul transport?

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