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Discussion in 'New Tank Builds' started by frankinswine1, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Its been a while since I posted an update. I have gone through some ups and downs with this build. A few months back I got some bubble algae on a frag. Usually that's no big deal, but then it just exploded throughout my tank. There wasn't a rock that didn't have some bubbles all over it. I got really bummed out by this, and even considered scrapping it and starting over. I finally talked myself off the ledge and put in the hard work. I removed all the rock I could and then scraped each and everyone of those damn bubbles off. I rinsed the rock in fresh saltwater and rebuilt my rockscape. I then dropped in a few emerald crabs and let them clean up the rest. There are still some spots here and there but no more than to be expected in a normal tank.

    My latest purchase was to upgrade my lights. When I bought the tank I left as much of the original components on it and have been upgrading a little at a time. The lights have been my biggest problem area. My old LED's just didn't have the power to light a tank at this depth so I lost color on somethings. I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Aquatic Life T5 LED combo light. I went with ATI blue plus bulbs for the T5 and 2 AI hydra 26's for my LED.
    Here is the fixture minus the LED's. I ran the T5's with my old LEDs to assist in the acclimation. My old LED's must have been really dark, because my fish were very jumpy with the extra light.
    The new fixture is as wide as my canopy, so I had to knock the top off and reinforce the back. This way the light sits on the top of the canopy. Since we just had the ceilings scraped and re-textured when we moved in, there was no way my wife was letting me drill holes in the ceiling.
    Here's a top down look with the hydra's in place. The lights are only 8 inches off the water, I think it was suggested around 12, but everything seems to be adjusting well. I turned down the intensity of the LED to 40%. They have only been up for about two weeks now. So far things appear to be going okay. I may have to move and lower some things but for the most part everything is adjusting nicely. I'm even starting to get some better color out of some of my SPS's. IMG_1334.JPG
    Day one.
    I decided to run the lights in about a 15K spectrum so my phone can't really get a good crisp image.

    Glad I didn't throw in the towel. This tank still has a long way to go, but it's getting there. I think my next project/upgrade may be to replace my skimmer pump with a DC pump. The tank is not silent, but it is definitely the loudest pump I have running. When its off I can tell a big difference in the noise level.
    I may also add a wave box, or gyre. I've got a good cyclical flow to keep food suspended but it doesn't give me a lot of motion for my LPS. Anyone have experience with either or both?
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    I was about to buy a Gyre but they sold out. I am glad they did because I read a lot of bad reviews shortly afterward. I cannot tell you for sure though because I didn' buy one. As for the bubble algae, I got covered with it too recently. It is super aggressive and grows fast.

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    Lookin' good Frank! I like the aquascape!

    Keep an eye on that Flameback. Mine developed a taste for acans and some other LPS.
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    I have the older gyre 130. I really like it! I have a 4’ 85 Gallon tank and get good flow all the way to the other side and back. I’d really like to have one on the other side to alternate flow better (right now I just have an MP10 on the other side) but it’ll have to wait.

    Tank looks good! I also had an explosion of bubble algae but since adding 2 emerald crabs, my kole tang and lawnmower blenny, I’ve seen it less and less. I haven’t removed anything to remove the algae. Not sure who is taking care of it but it’s slowly but surely going away.
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    So far the flameback has been a good citizen, but I have been keeping a close eye on it.
    I kept seeing bad reviews on the gyre too, problem with the blades and an inability to put it back together once they took it apart.
    I was looking at a Tunze wave box, but those thing sure do take up realestate. May have to bite the bullet with some MP 20's.
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    All you really need
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    Yeah I had a little confusion putting it back together for the first time but it I was not the original owner and didn’t have the directions or anything. Looked it up online. I also don’t have the alternate blade to make reverse flow better ... since it’s the forward paddles turning in reverse it more just mixes up the water ... but I really just wanted a break in the flow. I do 20 sec F and 10 sec R I think ... I have the mp10 on some sort of random setup ... just to create movement ... it works for now.
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    That’s interesting. I’d want it to be slower though I think ... are there instructions for this anywhere?
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    The Tunze unit produces a very different water movement. More of a surge movement at all depths and not the standing wave of the DIY. The surge is what goes on in nature, I would be afraid of what the standing wave could do to the integrity of the tank over time.

    Watch the 1st 25 seconds of this video, this is what we want to mimic.

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    Well the wavebox is out. Roco and the Tunze rep on reef central both agree that with the corner overflow there would be a sloshing sound that may affect the overflow function.
    The Tunze rep did however suggest $500 worth of powerheads.......
    So it looks like I may be trying out an Icecap Gyre. I keep reading about issues with the blades and noise, but most of those posts were from last year. I also never really found anything to suggest that the extra $150 for the Maxspect made any difference in quality or noise.
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  12. I'm in the process of sending back my 3K. It ran well for approx 2months. I put it on the shelf and finally in the process of getting it taken care of. Coral Vue did send out replacement parts, but in the process of dismantling the unit, the shaft broke off on one side. Thankfully, they are sending a shipping label and I expect them to replace what is damaged.

    However, for the money, they should be better built. IMO

    Jebao/Jecod all the way for me.
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  13. @Brian, do you have a DIY wave box?
    I had the smaller Tunze box on my tank for a while. I loved it!!! Finally took it out because it took up too much real estate in my tank (4ft tank with two overflows).
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    I looked at the Jebao too, but the reviews were even more hit and miss than the Icecap. Luckily I got a few Amazon gift cards over the holiday's so I'm not out the full amount. I'm not usually one to fill out a warranty card, but I will be for sure on this one. Fingers crossed I get one of the good ones.
    If this fails, I may try the DIY route. I just know I have good intentions with DIY but the project part usually just sit around unused for months.
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    I loved my Jebaos but they all broke shortly after 1 year. I bought new ones and those too broke shortly after 1 year. I run Tunze now.
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    Attachment-1 (1).jpeg Attachment-1.jpeg Attachment-1 (3).jpeg
    Got a new camera app for my iphone and wanted to tank some update photos to test it out.
    Crazy to look back and see how far the tank has come since that first post. Not all those corals have made it, but those that have are really hitting their stride and growing.
    I've added a crazy amount for flow since my last update. An MP40 and an Icecap Gyre. Most of the corals seem to love it. Hopefully more good things are on the way.
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    Looks great!
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    Flow is important and you have it now with the mp40 and the gyre! Your tank looks great!

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