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Discussion in 'DIY' started by LJC6780, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. LJC6780

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    I was going to do TTM this time since I have a 6 line ... no rock during TTM. Was going to go from one 20 to the other every 3 days. All 5 fish in same tank then after 12 days (or I guess 13-14 since I'll have to clean and let the tank dry one last time) split them between the two tanks for the remainder of the 3 months but my seeded media is in my current system ... so not ich free. That's where I was going to add the rock ... but wondering if I could treat the actual rock separately or if it would even work.

    I wanted the CP for this time originally but after reading about the 6 line being sensitive to it I decided to just go with TTM for everyone and not just the wrasse. I'll use the CP for future QT and illnesses.

    And I'll bring yours Saturday if that's ok ... unless you need to go ahead and meet up before then.
  2. LJC6780

    LJC6780 RRMAS Supporter

    Aaaannnnddd I'm finally done (for now) with the stand. It's a single 20 gallon stand with a shelf underneath and plenty of room for a future shelf to be added (if I ever get around to it!).

    Man, I'm the worst at getting things done!

    IMG_3485.JPG IMG_3486.JPG IMG_3496.JPG IMG_3498.JPG IMG_3484.JPG
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  3. LJC6780

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    And got it in the corner, ready for new water tomorrow. It's actually not horrible! And the hole in the side fits around the plug perfectly so it's not blocked. Oh, and I didn't attach the bottom shelf so I could lift it up if I spill water ... I also had to put one of those tiny door bumper things on each corner because the tile is slightly uneven and it was trying to rock.

    IMG_3508.JPG IMG_3509.JPG
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  4. Brian

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    As best as I can tell, you have the stand setting on the cord. Are you sure you want to do that?
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  5. Brian

    Brian RRMAS Supporter

    Never mind, you're picture is sideways
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  6. LJC6780

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    Sideways? They show up right for me.. Yeah. It's solid on the floor ... thanks for pointing it out though! JIC!
  7. fattytwobyfour

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    Is that where the tank is going to go? I'm always worried about the natural light from Windows causing algae problems. (Says the guy with algae problems).
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  8. LJC6780

    LJC6780 RRMAS Supporter

    Yeah ... it's a window that is under the back porch and doesn't get a ton of light. If any, it's a little morning sun. I can always close the shades if I need to.

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