Frag fest preparation

Discussion in 'Vice President' started by grimmett, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. grimmett

    grimmett Tang

    Spent the day fragging corals for frag fest at fisher12's and ordered the new par meter on monday and should be arriving in the next day or so.
  2. mushroom

    mushroom Guest

    Remember me while I am working on lawnmowers and I dont mean Blennys
    Hopefully will be able to make it to the next one.
  3. austinl01

    austinl01 Guest

    Awesome! I plan on attending.
  4. fox16rep

    fox16rep Guest

    What will the frags be at this event? I need to find a home for them and start picking out names. Do I need to bring anything?
  5. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    So far the frags are blue encrusting montipora, gold ruffle scroll, torch, and leathers. There may be a couple others not sure yet.
    What you can bring is a lot o money for raffle tickets and store purchases!!! Be sure to contact Pet Country to sign up as the workshop will be limited this time due to space concerns.
  6. austinl01

    austinl01 Guest

    I would like to attend, but I can't get up to Conway this week to pay for the meeting. Is there a way to get on the list without prepaying for it?
  7. jason71832

    jason71832 Guest

    I had no idea that the workshop was limited. Shouldn't we have included that on the banner? I would like to attend it but have no way of getting there ( 4 hour one way drive) to pay.
  8. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Just call Pet Country and get your name on the sign up sheet. You can pay the day of the event. 501-329-1717
  9. jason71832

    jason71832 Guest

    I was told by Pet Country that unless I came in and paid if someone else did that I would be bumped down. I explained to her that I was 4 hours away and that I would let you know what was going on and that you said I could pay the day of the event. Maybe a need to communicate with them on how to handle us members who live so far away. She was very, very polite about everything though...really reflects on the quality of the store. A+ No complaints here about their ways of handling customers.
  10. austinl01

    austinl01 Guest

    I'm going to call tomorrow and see if they will take a credit card over the phone. It would be nice if they just put us in order of who calls first so that we could pay later. But, I understand that some folks could sign up without paying and not show up for the event.

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