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Discussion in 'Fragging' started by fisher12, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Norman - can you tell me the lights you are using for this?

    I chat with a friend in California that is building a frag system & he trying to figure out what lights to use.
  2. fisher12

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    I am using Giesemann t-5 bulbs on the right side of the system for sps and lps corals. I currently have one 6000k and 3 pure actinic bulbs on both fixtures (2- 4 bulb fixtures). On the left side with some lps and softies, I use 4-10000k and 4- super actinic t-5's by URI. I have ordered Giesemann bulbs for that side and will be changing all my bulbs to match the right side.
  3. Thanks for the reply !

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