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    Hey guys! I'm attempting again to sell my planted freshwater tank. It's a 30gallon tall curved (half cylinder). The dimensions make for some cool aqua-scaping possibilities, allowing plants to grow vertically to their full potential.

    Equipment list is short:
    1. LED light (Ocean Revive reef light that the blue channels burned out). Works fantastic for grown plants
    2. Heater
    3. Two HOB filters

    1. Guppies (they keep making babies)
    2. Giant Pleco
    3. Huge Chinese algae eater
    4. Blue Gourami
    5. Assorted tetras
    6. Raphael Catfish
    7. Three different Corydoras

    1. A few different drift wood.

    It's a cool setup. Make me an offer.
    Not sure why the pics rotated.......sorry!

    IMG_8496.jpg IMG_0859.JPG IMG_0910.JPG
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