Greg's 24 gallon Nano Cube

Discussion in 'Nano Reefs' started by gregnlr, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. gregnlr

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    It's been a while since I posted on my nano and since it's nothing like the previous posyings I will start anew. The tank is stock with the following exceptions, InTank media filer, MaxiJet 1200 to replace return pump, part of the black backing was removed so a nano LED could be used to create a fuge. All the filter material was removed, the media basket goes in first chamber with filter floss and Chemipure Elite, filter floss changed weekly and Chemipure Elite quarterly and weekly water changes.

    The tank holds a breeding pair of Cardinals, a pair of fire shrimp, a desjardini tang, barbershop goby with randells pistol shrimp, the beginning of a ricordea garden, cinnamon polyps, hammers and frogspawn frags.

    And before the tang police come after me, I have two 120 gallon tanks the tang can move into when he is larger.

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  2. Tanks

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    I LOVE your Rics... makes me very jelly =P

    Nice tank. Very well done.
  3. whippetguy

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    Great photos! Thanks for starting a new thread.

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    Where did you get your rock
  5. gregnlr

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    That came from The Fish Tank, recently I saw some branched rock at The Fish Bowl.
  6. ljinks

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    ya , there is some branched becoming available in some of this lists lately.... cant remember if its listed as tonga branch or what

    i expect real reef to start imitation branch soon to keep up
  7. sin198023

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    im fixing to start making branch rock just bought 2 kiddie pools last Friday and 20 pounds of crushed oyster shell all i need to get now is the portland white, sand,and rock salt
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  9. eitallent

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    Your fish are gorgeous. Nice tank.

    Any chance of more pictures. :D

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