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  1. It is very clear after our last event and the West Tennessee Frag Swap that we have grown enough as a club to start propagating our corals. We have quite a few members now that are experienced enough to be producing frags on a regular basis. For me I have found that I am good at growing corals but need to improve my skill in making the the vibrant colors that we all seek. Currently, members are propagating acropora, digitatia, capricornus, encrusing montis, leathers, mushrooms, ect. and are adding to our abilities every day. A lot of the information coming out in the industry is geard toward growing frags and the techniques needed to provide optimal growth. Several members now have dedicated tanks setup especially for growing out coral frags and this thread was created to answer the needs of this growing population in our hobby. We need to learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can so that we can answer critizism about hobbyist impact on coral reefs world wide.

    Please help this forum grow by posting pictures and information that you have learned about your efforts to propagate corals.
  2. ljinks

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    can we start a sticky'd post with a list of who is growing what ?

    that way we know who can call who for other corals.

    i mean ideally i would love to see all in the club with one of everything , ea of us has so far...
  3. We certainly can or even create a forum for the corals that we are growing. The meeting this weekend will be at Norman Davis house in Conway who is putting together a top notch dedicated grow out system - I hope you will be their to see it.
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    thats a good idea were on the site are you gonna put that?

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