Hello from Harrisburg/ Now Paragould

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Slowlane, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. graciesdad

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    I think I'd try a new power supply. Good luck figuring it out.
  2. Slowlane

    Slowlane Plankton

    The replacement power supply finally came in today. It fixed the the light.
    788D6BB8-5BAD-44CE-9AEE-C6AA86F09124.jpeg 8DEBB012-E65A-4479-A973-F5D26000C03B.jpeg
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    Looking great!
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  4. Slowlane

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  5. Slowlane

    Slowlane Plankton

    Update.. Im still here I promise.. Life has just kinda been super busy.. Finished college in may with a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and my tank definitely took a small hit.. “Thank you Organic Chemistry Class!!” Been working hard getting it back to some stability.. lost alot of zoas and my birdsnest and my acro :( but things have gotten better.. managed to graft some purple monti cap to some red monti cap.. will get a pic when I frag it.. 918678BF-C696-465C-9DAB-02C8A2A5BE7F.jpeg

    I still have your frags Bo!! They may have grown a little lol!!
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  6. huntindoc

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    Congratulations on your tank and your graduation! I remember Organic all too well!
  7. Slowlane

    Slowlane Plankton

    Thanks :) its the only book ive read that made me cry lol!!
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