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Discussion in 'DIY' started by bbearden101, May 30, 2016.

  1. bbearden101

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    As the title details I'm in the process of making some. I went to a lfs and bought some cheaper algae clips for my tang, and new angle. Well needless to say the suction cups suuuck I can't keep them stuck for more than a few hrs once the fish start tugging on the algae, soo I have a idea in my head and I just want to make sure I'm planning this right. Ima get a magnet and glue it inside the suction, then use some silicone to seal it off, and keep the magnet from scratching the glass. I haven't quite figured out what for the outside yet but that might be something a little ducktape can fix [emoji12] anyways y'all see any issues?

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  2. Kim

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    No idea if it'll work, but I have the same issue with mine. I think Doc has a magnetic type of algae clip though.

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  3. bbearden101

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    I should of got the magnetic kind but they were like 3 dollars as opposed to 20 something and may wife happend to think about grabbing them last time we was in the fs so I couldn't complain much. Now just gotta rig them up so they work and don't fall off threw the night

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  4. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    I use 1 of 2 methods depending how I feel on any given day.

    1. Use my Mag Float to hold the algae.
    2. Rubberband a algae to a rock. This works great with new fish that shy away from a clip.
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  5. Kim

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    Well, I've just started clipping the algea to the clip and dropping it in the tank. My suction cup doesn't hold up to my green wrasse pulling on the sheet. Doesn't seem to bother the other fish to do it this way.

    Kim/Benton, AR
  6. Ocho

    Ocho RRMAS Supporter

    Well I used a plastic bottle cap with some rare earth magnets used Aquarium glue to fill the cap with the magnet in it for the outside, plastic cap won’t scratch the tank. And for the suction cup I just cut the flange off to make a stem to do the same thing as the outside and just put the cut suction cup in the silicone and “vuala”
    The only bad part is that when you put it back in you have to follow it down to the sand as the plastic cap will not stay up on the glass.
  7. LJC6780

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    Just be careful with the magnets you use. Not all are Reef safe, so I’ve read, and the ones that are can be pricey ... depending on how strong you need them to be. I know they are expensive but I have some of those 2 Little Fishies ones and they work well.
  8. Ocho

    Ocho RRMAS Supporter

    Yeh I like to tinker and I have them totally in silicone.
  9. Brian

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