MACNA 2017 (New Orleans)

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    Is anyone looking for tickets? My wife cannot get off work that week/weekend and now I may not be able to go too. Since I am labeled as a "Wounded Warrior", I may not be allowed to travel that weekend either. I wont know for sure for a few more weeks. So, our tickets are for sale for $149 each (plus any transfer fees if there are any). That covers everything for the whole weekend. Addionally, we won the dinner with Mr Saltwater Tank. We will transfer that too if allowed.

    Thank you
  2. doubleorange

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    Hi All,

    I'm making the trip to MACNA also now (Thanks to John providing me with a ticket!).

    I've still gotta make some travel arrangements in the next day or so.

    It's gonna be awesome.
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  3. franklypre

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    Glad to see some folks headed that way, should be a great time with several great speakers and tons of the hottest coral around. Stop by and introduce yourself, I'll be at the Fraghouse booth right by the raffle tables
  4. doubleorange

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    Here are a few pics from MACNA 2017.

    20170825_154247_HDR.jpg 20170825_171742.jpg 20170825_154753.jpg
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  5. doubleorange

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    20170826_103149.jpg 20170826_104053.jpg 20170826_152844.jpg
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  6. doubleorange

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    Here is a mangrove tree at Julian Sprung's booth. I bought 20 propagules of this stock for a mangrove wall I want to build.

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  7. doubleorange

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    This this is a CNC testing device. It calibrates itself, automatically draws tank water in, has a magnetic stirrer, can do six tests of your choice. Not on the market yet but expected in 2018. All automatic and it will text or email the results of tests as often as you like.

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  8. roco

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    Here are a few pics I took. IMG_3828.JPG IMG_3821.JPG The worlds first 100% aquarium culture Borbonious Anthias also known as the Blotched Anthias. IMG_3810.JPG IMG_3808.JPG This was at the ORA booth.
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  10. Deton8it

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    Scolymia, Trachyphyllia, Donut coral
  11. roco

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    I think some of these are also Button coral. (Cynarina Lacrymalis)
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