Milwaukee salinity meter

Discussion in 'Product Review' started by mhattenhauer, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. mhattenhauer

    mhattenhauer RRMAS Supporter

    7B23CCC3-98DF-4C14-BFB1-CEDB034BD297.png Well I broke down and bought a Milwaukee digital salinity meter. So far I am in love with this thing!
    No matter how often I calibrated my refractometer I was never confident in the reading. I calibrated this meter with the enclosed fluid and tested with the conformation fluid that is also provided. Turns out my salinity is running high at 1.028. It gives a reading almost instantaneously.
  2. mhattenhauer

    mhattenhauer RRMAS Supporter

    I do need to add that if you buy one of these, go ahead and get the hard case to go with it. Well worth the money.

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