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    So about two years ago, I purchased an Apex Classic. I had it for about two months, and the controller went blue, and the base unit was pretty much fried. I had no idea what happened. But I was busy with work, and never sent it in to try and get it repaired. Well, about a month ago, I got an email from them including a survey. I basically said my experience with an Apex was that it was nothing more than an overpriced power strip.

    So they emailed me, asking why. I told them what had happened. My apex was obviously out of warranty, but they wanted me to send it in so they could see what was wrong with it. So the base was fried beyond repair, and warranty was expired, but they wanted to make sure my experience with their product was good. So they sent me a new base unit, but it wasn't a classic one. It was one of the new units that had been refurbished. They didn't have to do it, but they did. I greatly appreciate them, and just wanted to pass this good experience on. The folks at Neptune stand behind their product, and want to do the right thing.
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  2. Nice of you to say this. Usually people only report the bad experiences with any product.
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    Their customer service has always been exceptional for me. They were very helpful when I had a problem with updating firmware. My unit is 6 years old and works flawlessly.

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