preparing for Feb.2010 meeting

Discussion in 'Vice President' started by grimmett, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. grimmett

    grimmett Tang

    Chris and I took apart his leaking 125 and had Jones Glass in Benton cut the sides so we will make a 5 foot long 18 inches wide by 9.5 inch tall frag tank at the Feburary meeting. This is also the first video that will be put on the website in the future.
  2. grimmett

    grimmett Tang

    Got the overflow cut today so now all the glass is ready to put back together at the meeting.
  3. ljinks

    ljinks Tang

    this going up for sale?
  4. grimmett

    grimmett Tang

    I'm sure it is. I don't think chris is going to use it.
  5. jsharum

    jsharum Guest

    is the frag saw available for use?
  6. grimmett

    grimmett Tang

    The saws motor burned up. Fisher12 is the one to contact about the saw. I think we have a motor ordered and it may be here allready.
  7. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    The saw is here and in working order. I can have it at the Feb meeting.

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