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Discussion in 'PARADISE PETS - Benton, AR' started by grimmett, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. grimmett

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    This year Paradise Pets has been able to donate a 75 gallon reef ready tank with a plumbing kit. Razorback Reef has had a custom stand and canopy built by Kevin Koplen to also go with the tank as the grand prize. Paradise Pets has also donated a insump or external skimmer rated for 400 gallons.
    Here are banners to the other sponsers who have donated items for Reef Splash. Check back often as this list will be updated as more raffle items are received.

  2. 501scionxb

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    Wow that's awesome.

    Raffle grabber
  3. saltydog

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  4. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Now thats a raffle GRAND prize !! We should have a strong event this year. Anyone wanting to help please contact any of the BOD for assignments. Need people to work the frag demonstration tables, set up, clean up, food, and drinks. With the talk of having one large event in 2012, some of the members need to get some experience with working these events.
  5. reefmann

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    And membership prices just went up $10 dollars.... LOL   JK JK [​IMG]
  6. Andy

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    when is reef splash this year?
  7. wlyon

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    Meetings are the third Saturday of the month, so that should mean it will be July 21. I'm going to make sure I take off that day!
  8. gregnlr

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    Actually we are currently looking for a location for the July meeting, it is just to HOT to hold the outdoor meeting that was planned at Marine World in Hot Springs.

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