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  1. Ships

    Ships Plankton

    I just wanted to say hello.
  2. huntindoc

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    Welcome to Razorback Reef! Glad you're here!

    Love to hear about how long you have been in the hobby, what kind of tank you keep. We love pictures too! Especially would love to see pics of that beautiful juvie angel in your avatar!
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  3. Ships

    Ships Plankton

    I've kept a few smaller fish as a kid and had a beta I had for no telling how long around 7 years ago. Currently I've have a 38 gallon reef tank (only coral that is in it at the moment are a zoa frag and a fungi coral) that has been going since around October if I remember right and I have my 75 gallon that I started right at the end of November. I'll try to get some pictures later. As far as fish between my tanks, I have the juvi Koran, 4 damsels, Tomato Clown, Ocellris Clown, 6 Line Wrasse and a Lawnmower Blennie. Also that angel is a pig at feeding time.
  4. Welcome, hopefully you can make it to our February meeting. It’s in Cabot on 2/23.
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  5. Ships

    Ships Plankton

    Thank you! I'll try to make it if i can. Sounds like fun!
  6. graciesdad

    graciesdad Treasurer Staff Member

    Feel free to ask questions. The club has hobbyist with years of experience. Lots of people here that can help.
  7. RustyReid

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  8. portereef

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    Welcome! Hopefully you make it to the meeting in February we have a lot going on from frags to a hanna tester raffle!
  9. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

    Hey, welcome let’s see these tanks
  10. Ships

    Ships Plankton

    Here is the 75 gallon. Pardon the cleaning supplies on the side. Just got done with the daily glass cleaning.

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  11. Ships

    Ships Plankton

    Here is the 38. I'm debating on buying a ReefBreeders light for it since I like the ome i have on my 75 more than the SB on my 38.

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  12. Ships

    Ships Plankton

    Also sorry about the late reply. I had been gone for work the last couple of days and hadn't got the time to check my email.
  13. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

  14. Jake atkinson

    Jake atkinson Copepod

    Welcome! How to see you at the meeting.

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