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  1. I have a very limited spot for a sump under my 20g hex.

    I found a drawing that I can modify to some extent at should work.

    My question is what purpose does the Koralia nano 250 in the sump? 20170927_091529.png 20170927_091556.png
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    Only thing I can think of would be if that chamber is being used as a refugium and has chaeto in it. The powerhead would tumble the chaeto which usually makes it grow better and decreases the chances of cyano/bacterial blooms/pest algae in the sump.
  3. LJC6780

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    Where is the intake chamber? I assume the right side? I'd think it would help with circulation also since the return is on the opposite side in the center. Often flow just goes from one end to the other but this seems to sort of go in a circle.

    Is this a diagram for a diy sump?
  4. Brian

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    My guess, I would think the water in the fuge/macro algea part needs to be circulated or else it gets stagnant
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  5. LJC6780

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    Yeah, I've seen that in mine and it's in the center like a standard sump. I put my gfo output tube in the fuge area to help keep things mixed up.
  6. I actually found the original post with the tank. It's actually a DIY AIO using 5.5 g tank.
  7. The struggle is real... o_O

    I have dug out more equipment I forgot I had tucked away in the attic.

    This sump is just too big to fit into the 20g hex. I know it's overkill but I am bad about being redundant. So I either build a glass box/maybe a 5g would work and fit what I can in the stand or... Put the sump in the closet behind the adjacent wall.

    20171010_120809.jpg 20171010_120312.jpg 20171010_120345.jpg

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  8. Brian

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    Forced to decide whether to put the sump under the tank or in the closet, I vote under the tank. If a glass tank sump wont work, DIY a tupperware/plastic one. At least all the water would be in one place then
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  9. I prefer glass, most plastic containers that small just doesn't hold up well. I think I have enough glass to build a custom sump. The more I think about the closet, the more issues I can foresee in the future.
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  10. LJC6780

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    Oh I’d totally do a closet if I had one behind my tank! Look up Big Al’s Reef tank thread ... that’s a closet I’d love to have! The good thing about having a separate room is that you have more room. You can put the sump in a stand or on a shelf. You can have it as large as your room allows ... more water equals more dilution and fewer quick fluctuations. It can also allow you more room for maintenance since you won’t be working under a tiny cabinet.

    Cons would be having to cut holes in the wall and plumb more tubing or piping and having a larger return pump for the added distance.
  11. Brian

    Brian RRMAS Supporter

    To keep peace in the house, I would be afraid to take over a closet. In place of glass or plastic, I have found acrylic works pretty nicely. It cuts easily on my table saw, and as long as I leave the paper on till I am done, no scratches.
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