SOLD - 45G shallow tank + stand $500 OBO

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    45G Cadlights shallow 36"x 24"x 12" plumbed tank with Cadlights sump. Newest model with corner overflow. Tank is less than a year old (I have receipt if helpful). Perfect condition and still running. I'm looking to downsize, and may be willing to do a partial trade for the right small tank without curved corners.

    Sale includes: tank, stand, sump, return pump, 5G Cadlights ATO container, and Tunze 35155 ATO.

    I'm located in Sherwood, and I can help you put it in your truck.

    If the tank/stand sells, the following will be for sale at a later date:

    Reef Octopus 110SS skimmer
    Kessil AP700
    2 Kessil Mounting Arms
    Live rock
    Maybe some small coral frags

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