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Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by jarjor, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. jarjor

    jarjor RRMAS Supporter

    hi reefers!

    So, I am constantly dealing with cal 500+ and mag 1600+. I’m only dosing Alk. SPS looks good and just got some more today. I know the ranges but is it harmful to coral and other life to have cal and mag that high? Thanks!
  2. graciesdad

    graciesdad Treasurer Staff Member

    What are you dosing for alkalinity?
  3. jarjor

    jarjor RRMAS Supporter

    BRS 2-part soda ash
  4. Brian

    Brian RRMAS Supporter

  5. jarjor

    jarjor RRMAS Supporter

    Actually I am just dosing the 1 part soda ash and that’s it. Sorry for the confusion! Not dosing cal
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  6. Brian

    Brian RRMAS Supporter

    that's better. If you are going to dose them both, it is supposed to be at different times. However, dosing the alkalinity is going to change the calcium and magnesium, either good or bad. They cant seem to make up their minds on that.
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  7. LJC6780

    LJC6780 Well-Known Member

    From what I’ve read those need to come down but I’m not exactly sure I understand their relationship fully.

    What is your SG? Have you calibrated your refractometer lately? I have a friend that realized his refractometer was off when his other parameters started going too high. Might be worth checking out.
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  8. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    What salt are you using? How often are you doing water changes and how big are they? What is your alkalinity? Calibrating the refractometer is a good thought.

    I was using Fritz until recently and my Mg+ was consistently around 1500 and my Calcium was also 500. This isn't hard on coral but it could lead to precipitation that is hard on your equipment.
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  9. jarjor

    jarjor RRMAS Supporter

    20% pwc every 2 wks. Just started the Fritz; changing from RS-CPS. I keep my Alk at 9.
  10. Brian

    Brian RRMAS Supporter

    "I've seen little evidence to convince me that the brand of the salt mix used makes an important difference to the apparent success of a reef tank. :)"
    I whole hardily support this statement. Just use whatever brand you want.
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  11. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Agree with Brian in that I think you can be sucessful with any salt mix. Stability is the key, especially with SPS. That's where choosing a salt that's close to where you are trying to maintain you parameters can make life easier.

    Check your newly mixed water. Betcha the Mag and Ca are very close to where they are in your tank. I dont think its an issue with the coral. Check your pumps for signs of precipitation. If your sand is aragonite it may start to clump.
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