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  1. Wiliey Kurtiss
  2. Nathaniel W Brooks
    Nathaniel W Brooks
    From DFWMAS to Little Rock...
  3. RSC
    RSC portereef
    Yes. We moved to Eureka Springs the weekend after Christmas....
  4. RSC
    RSC portereef
    I have setup a frag tank and was wanting some input as to how much to feed and what to feed. I can't seem to post any pics....if you wouldn't mind sending me your email I can send the pics si you could give me your advice. We sure miss you guys in Central Arkansas!
    1. portereef
      portereef did you move?
      Jul 17, 2020
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  5. RSC
    RSC Jake atkinson
    Great to see you guys! Thanks for taking the time to go over the new system. Lights are up and running, Apex is running as well,,just figuring out how to program everything, media reactor with bio pellets is going, still waiting for CO2 to come in. 20 Trochus snails are making their rounds while the Harlequin is munching on Starfish.....
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    2. Jake atkinson
      Jake atkinson
      Great to hear! Please feel free to text or call me anytime. Hope all is going well for you guys.
      Mar 20, 2020
  6. reefgirl64
    reefgirl64 ShaneT
    No sir there’s no Coral left except a a few mushrooms... yes I’m still torn...
  7. RSC
    RSC huntindoc
    QT protocol for Rock Flowe Anemone?
    1. huntindoc
      I honestly have not quarantined any of my RFA's. I would not do any dip or treatment, just observation. They are unlikely to bring coral disease to a tank. I think because they have no stony anatomy there would be no place for Ich tomonts to attach to either.
      Oct 16, 2019
  8. RSC
    RSC portereef
    out and back to quarantine......treat with Rally to help with stress, Two weeks later still one Popeye and Lyretail stll lethargic and stays on bottom of tank and refusing to eat today maybe some slimcoat issues.?.....What treatment would you suggest?
  9. RSC
    RSC portereef
    A couple of weeks ago I introduced a Fairy Wrasse and a Lawnmower blenny into my 55 gal tank, after quarantine. Around day three my Lyretail Anthias is hiding out and quit coming out to eat, find him with one torn fin and the Fairytale with one Popeye....... I pulled both out and back to quarantine......treat with
  10. ncmx3
    ncmx3 graciesdad
    Can you please email me about your dc skimmer pump upgrade.
  11. Brad M
    Brad M graciesdad
    Hi this is Brad McDougal. I signed up at the meeting at Paradise Pets.
  12. portereef
    portereef Adam Mulling
    You have seen what Doc has and that is a great size but I use a simple 20 long. It really comes down to whatever size you have room for and can afford. A 10 gallon for most small fish is going to be enough as long as you watch the water quality and of course watch the fish or corals.
  13. Adam Mulling
    Adam Mulling
    Looking for recommendations on a quarantine tank I only have a 60 gallon main tank was wondering how much I needed to do for it
  14. mhattenhauer
    Setting up a new seahorse tank!
  15. dlbowlin
    New Tanks Start
  16. tjohnso1014
    Happy thanks. Giving every one
  17. tjohnso1014
    ISO returns gyre pumps and sump
  18. Xarife
    Hello everyone!! Wanted to see if anyone is interested in my white cheek tang I have for sale? He is 4”or so.
    1. LJC6780
      Might want to post in the BST section. This isn’t an actual thread.
      Nov 5, 2017
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  19. Ocho
    Tanks for the add I love this group!
  20. Ocho
    Hey how can I add pics of my tank on here???
    1. LJC6780
      Make a tank thread and add them there. Most people don't use "profile posts" to communicate I've noticed. Just happened to see this while scrolling through everything.
      Sep 29, 2017
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