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    Hey everyone! I am maintaining my position as club president for 2020 and hope we can make this year better than ever! If you didn't make the meeting we have a lot of exciting new activities along with cool new items that will appear at the meetings for a live auction that will benefit the club. I will start a post just for the items that will be and have been in the meetings for 2020. I hope we see you at the meetings!

    A little about myself- I am a fisheries and aquaculture biologist working at the UAPB Fish Health Inspection Laboratory in Lonoke, AR. I specialize in PCR testing but I do every aspect of the testing from receiving to the final results. The lab mainly deals in Freshwater fish but we have had other saltwater species from time to time. I also am working on finishing my graduate degree in fish health and detection amongst the rest of everything else I am involved in, so busy is a common word you will hear me say:p. I also help with Lake and Pond management company my good friend has started right here in central Arkansas. So if you or someone you know owns a lake or pond and would like some help or input we have the answer! If you would like any more information please message on here or on FB

    As for tanks I have a 180 gallon bare bottom reef tank that is the center piece of the house and I may put to much into it but if you made it this far down you know I am a fish nut no matter the situation! I have a couple threads on here that show the setup along with the coral and fish progress from the start. I have a couple fish that are just as well travelled around the country as me so they are practically my children at this point!!
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