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    Found A&W corals on Facebook. They are a couple in Cabot working on a coral business out of their home. Went by today, and came home with some really nice corals. They have a lot of designer mushrooms, really nice zoas, acans, and blastos. Not really any SPS, but they have a nice setup and have somethings you don't see too often locally. So if you’re in the market for some new corals, it’s definitely worth a drive over. Nice people, and nice corals.
    Also I am an idiot who can't figure out why my pictures are posting sideways..........
    Big head blasto, just got acclimated so it isn't fully opened up.
    Great acan, but my picture doesn't really show it pop.
    Finally my first torch. Been wanting to give one of these a go for a while and now I have one.
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    Yes he was at our meeting in Searcy and won the tank! I'm planning to make an appt as soon as I get a chance!
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    That’s who that was?!
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    Thanks for showing us some love!!!
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