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    David Hicks

    The humble beginnings of the Rock Star begin as an Air Force Brat. Community aquariums at the hands of his father brought the world of the wet box to the youngster’s world. The love of trips to the pet store in search of the interesting world of Aquaria never left our hero. Years pass and the love of water found its expression in white water rafting and canoe camping on the Buffalo. Stewardship of the environment became a central theme for a mantra of conservation.
    After years of absence of the wet box at home, a resurgence of the yearning of keeping fish erupted once again- with a vengeance. An avalanche of tanks (21 up and running at the peak) and African Cichlids would cover the landscape of the home. Bringing a 135 display and show quality Africans wasn’t satisfying; the keeper was then struck with the notion of Saltwater.
    This. Is. Where. You. Decide. If. You. Can. Set. Money. On. Fire.
    Ok, let’s do this and do it big. 220 mixed reef. “Bigger volumes are easier to maintain”, they said…. Heather and I love our tank and enjoy the frustrations that come with it. We are in the process of a 30 gallon rimless build for the bedroom. I also need a frag tank- ssssh - Don’t say anything……
    I am excited to serve the Club and grow the popularity of our hobby. I believe community to be a valuable activity, and I am supporter of mom and pop brick and mortar. Reaching out to the public, strengthening our focus and goals are major components of what I wish to offer. How can I help you?
    David can be contacted at activities@razorbackreef.com

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