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    David Martin

    Born in Conway, AR but raised in North Little Rock. Graduated from NLR Ole Main in 1974. Undergraduate degree in biology/chemistry from UCA in 1979. Medical degree from UAMS in 1983. Completed family practice residency in 1986 and have practiced in Conway since.

    Married to Lisa, will celebrate our 36th anniversary in May. 3 children, 7 grand children. Other hobbies include bowhunting, golf and more recently SCUBA diving.

    After many years of wanting to become involved in reef keeping, took the plunge in the fall of 2012 and started my current tank in Feb. 2013.

    Favorite fish: Any wrasse. Favorite coral: blue and green Acropora sp. acquired from fellow club member. Favorite invert: Sexy shrimp
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