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    Okay...so I've been putting this off for well....the last two years. I took over the position from John Ledbbetter in 2014 I believe. I can't remember when I started my first tank...at least over 10 years ago. Started with a 29 gallon. Kevin at Paradise Pets helped me get the tank up and running. At that time I wasn't aware that the club existed. I played with this one for about 5 years before upgrading to a 46 gallon bowfront. By this time, I'd found the club and was taking in all the knowledge that the group contained. In 2012 I moved into my current house and took that opportunity to upgrade to my current tank a75 gallon mixed reef. I have two things from the original 29 gallon still alive in my tank. My devil's hand leather and a blue cocco worm that I got on some liverock. These two have managed to survive a several tank crashes. If I'd have to say one thing that makes me different from most reefers is I have always run my tanks with a HOB filter and protein skimmer. I've learned a lot from this club and hope to be able to pass that knowledge to others.

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