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    Ralph and Cindy Corneliussen have been avid supporters of Razorback Reef for most of its 4 years helping to educate reefers through example and participation in RRMAS events. The Corneliussen's live in Ft. Smith and regularly travel to meetings to support the club. RRMAS held a meeting in Fort Smith several months ago and visited their setup that is both beautiful and extensive to say the least. Ralph and Cindy have raised some of the largest fish in a system that we have seen showing the attention that they put in making sure that all of their animals are well cared for. About half of the main system volume is housed in the garage with a large sump and skimmer. The system is connected to a refugium and frag tank that allow the Corneliussen's to experiment with growing a variety of different corals. Their system is an inspiration for Arkansas reefers and a well deserved recipient of the "Arkansas Marine Aquarist of the Year - 2008" award.

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    Ah man what happened to the pictures. I was wanting to look at what I had!
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    Hey Ralph, good to see you on the forums again. We are in a transition updating our v-bulletin software and all archives should be up this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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