Club Coral 2/23/19....let's see 'em!

Discussion in 'Corals' started by huntindoc, Feb 23, 2019.

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    At El Presidente's request let's post pictures of our club coral and then post new pictures every month for the next year and see 1) How many survive for a year. 2) How much they grow (and for bragging rights whose grows the fastest) 3) How they hold/improve their color.

    War Paint favia

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    Here is mine.

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    Late to the thread, but wanted to add my frag in also. Love this piece. Probably one of my favorites from a meeting all time.
    This is something kinda weird I like to do with any fresh cut coral I get from a meeting. I don't have a quarantine or grow out tank to heal the frags in. So I cut holes in the cup and sink it with the frag to protect the freshly cut skin from my tanks flow.
    Maybe it's overkill, but I got a fava frag from a reef splash probably ten years ago and after a day or two in my tank it was a naked skeleton. Ever since then I've been doing this and giving the coral a week or so (depending on my schedule) to heal.
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