Come see the Golden Angel (and the other new babies)!

Discussion in 'THE FISH TANK - Little Rock, AR' started by TFTank, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. TFTank

    TFTank Plankton

    New critters are here!
    Golden Angel (veeeery nice!)
    Atlantic Pygmy Angels
    Stunning Male Square Block Anthias (and his ladies, of course)
    Railway Sleeper Goby
    Gorgeous Male and Female Blue Jaws
    Male and Female Angulatus Flashers
    Green Bird Wrasse (!!!)
    Sweet Chalices
    Wall Hammer
    Bubble Rose Anemones
    Maxi Mini Carpet
    The biggest Tongue Coral I've ever seen
    Neon Mumps - amaaaazing
    Pom Pom Crabs
    Purple Lobster
    Plus tons more and the usual crew of Sea Hares, Nerites, Conchs
    I'll try to post some pics at some point. See ya soon!
  2. DCHarrington

    DCHarrington Vice President Staff Member

    I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures

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