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Discussion in 'Corals' started by Chris Munton, Jan 24, 2021.

  1. Chris Munton

    Chris Munton Plankton

    I am setting up a soft coral tank and wanted to see if anybody had anything they wanted to trade.

    I have zoanthids, acropora, hydnophora, frogspawn, hammers, Duncans, etc.

    looking for anything that flows, euphyllia, gsp, Xenia, leathers, etc.

    I am located in Hot Springs
  2. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

    I have some Xenia that you can have if you ever come by Benton and I’m off work.
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  3. Chris Munton

    Chris Munton Plankton

    I am going to be in Benton Friday afternoon for a work meeting, would you be available Friday and if so what time?
  4. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

    Should be home around 4

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