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Discussion in 'Fragging' started by Christopher Hill, May 22, 2020.

  1. Christopher Hill

    Christopher Hill Plankton

    I have a red acan. When I bought it it had 2 heads and now it has like 8 heads. I thought it would be cool to frag it so I could sell or trade for more corals. I have watched videos on how to frag acans but I have never done it. Any suggestions on the best way to frag it.
  2. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Use a turkey baster or wave your hand to move water over it to get the polyps to retract. Try to cut between the heads as much as possible. Don't panic if you cut across the soft tissue, it still can survive.
  3. Adam Mulling

    Adam Mulling Blenny

    If we ever get to have meetings again we can show you for sure I have a rainbow I’ll frag at some point
  4. Christopher Hill

    Christopher Hill Plankton

    Awesome my corals are finally getting to the fragging point. I will definitely try and get to the next meeting when it happens again.
  5. portereef

    portereef RRMAS Supporter

    Best way is a wet saw the club will gladly chop it at a meeting but you'll have to bring it unless the meeting is at your place of course lol. If you try to cut follow what adam said cut between the eyes otherwise anyone that you cut through the middle or over to far will most likely die off.
  6. Christopher Hill

    Christopher Hill Plankton

    Okay sweet! Thanks for the help

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