FREE Fish, Coral and Live rock

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    FREE Fish, Coral, Live Rock - Hot Springs BART Tank

    Tearing down my father's 220 gal reef tank in Hot Springs. My dad, "Big Al", has moved out of his house... and his tank is still running with livestock. I am going to Hot Springs this weekend 2/26/22 and 2/27/22 to break the system down and try to give away the fish and coral and rock.

    I've got:
    yellow tang
    kole tang
    7" foxface
    (Seven) blue-green chromis
    Royal Gramma
    Large Red lyretail male anthias
    Picasso and Wyoming White clown pair
    Bangaii cardinal
    probably a few others.

    I'll give away all rock and coral also. I have 200+ lbs of rock in the system I think.

    You would need to bring buckets or something for rock. I have large bags for fish.

    I am keeping the tanks and equipment to reuse somewhere else; there is no way I will try to keep coral and fish alive on a long distance relocation without a 2nd system already running beforehand. Need these guys gone.

    You can see most of the fish in this video.

    You can call or text me to discuss and reserve a time to get some stuff. Thanks for your help!

    Corey Magee

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    It's an older video... i'll try to get a couple of updated pics.
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    Almost everything is gone now. Have one Banggai Cardinalfish I couldn't catch. How can the fish that never swims be so fast and elusive?!

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