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Discussion in 'Corals' started by frankinswine1, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. frankinswine1

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    So the circled head on my frog spawn, is receding. It shrank up and the mouth got real big to where you could see the skeleton below. Now the other two heads on that branch are starting to shrink up, mouths are closed, but the testicles won't fully extend. Not all flowy like the rest of the colony. Should I cut this part off and hope the other 7-10 heads live, or just let this go? There are little baby heads along the base of this branch.
  2. huntindoc

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    No brownish looking "snot" on the skeleton or around the heads that are receding?
  3. frankinswine1

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    No snot, did see some squiggly white stringy stuff(zoanthil?), come out of the original head. The other two heads perked up a little shortly after this was taken. They extended their tenticles a little bit but still not flowing. I'm working right now so I'll have to check on them when I get home later. Maybe a power head shifted and if was getting too much flow? It doesn't appear that its flowing very fast though there, but I quess it could be.
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    Keep an eye on that Flameback. Euphyllia are pretty unattractive to even the most hard core LPS eaters but my Flameback would eat frogspawn.
  5. frankinswine1

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    Haven’t noticed them together. The tissues look healthy just deflated. I’ve been thinking of rehoming the flamebakck, I want to get a clam.
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    Mine just start to do this a couple weeks ago and I’ve done several water changes and have no idea what’s first I thought it was the torch on top of the rock sweeping it but I’ve kept an eye on it and it never gets close. Any help would be appreciated. No brownish snot just white snot on the skeletal structure.

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  7. Deton8it

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    Still the same? What else is in the tank?
  8. frankinswine1

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    Here is a blurry shot of mine from last night. I was trying to get up close. This branch was originally 3 heads. The two black dot are those two heads that receded away(the bottom dot is the red circle from the picture earlier in the post) . What I thought was flesh that was hanging on until the bitter end (red circles), I can now tell are new heads. The yellowish circles are other smaller heads. My best guess is that the two heads died to allow the other heads room to grow. If you think about a reef its built up layers of dead coral skeleton. Layers and layers. So I'm thinking the coral knew it was on limited space and sacrificed a few heads to allow the new heads room to grow. Loose two heads to allow 5-6 others to replace it. Not sure if that's whats happening with your frogspawn. But just like you my water was fine no signs of stress, disease, or other agitation. Hopefully yours comes back with some new heads in a couple of weeks. I'm no expert but just give it some time and hopefully it will recover.
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  9. huntindoc

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    If you're seeing new heads develop I would think the crisis is over and your FS is going to recover. I've had this happen and never be able to identify the reason for it.
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