Janaury 2018 Meeting Minutes

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    January 2018 meeting Minutes
    Location: Kim Ettleman house, Benton, AR

    Attendees: John Carroll (President), Jason Todd (Treasurer), Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Cameron Clements (Director at Large), Christi Jones (Activities Director), David Pettit, Cory Rose, Brandon & Sarah Webb, Jake & Belinda Atkinson, Logan & Kari George (Guests) Josh, Jermaine

    Business: Budget was voted on and passed. The club budgeted $200 a month for club corals and $750 for corals for events. There are approximately 30-40 paid members in the club. Event dates were set for 2018. Paradise Pets -April. (This needs to be confirmed with Kevin). Fish Tank - June (This has been confirmed. Fish Bowl - November (This needs to be confirmed with Jack). We also discussed trying to bring in another event at a different store. The store in Hot Springs was brought up, Jonesboro, Conway, Cabot and Fayetteville. At this time none appeared to be a prospect.

    Coral for the month was and encrusting monti.

    February 2018 meeting will be at Jack & Belinda Atkinson's house in Austin, AR

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