LRS goes to NYC to feed a Peppermint Angel and MUCH MORE! * Video**

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  1. ReefFrenzy

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    Hello RR,

    I returned home Monday from our trip to NYC where I was able to see and feed some AMAZING fish!

    This video was shot on location at the home of June's Tank of the Month winner from Reef Central.


    This other video was from Todd Gardner's biology lab where he is currently housing several of the captive bred G. personatus angels from Hawaii.

    It was an amazing weekend for sure and we are gracious to our customers who feed LRS and permitted us to share these videos.

    Thanks for following LRS.

  2. bbearden101

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    Wow that's a stunning tank what is the stripped fished you see about 49 secs threw the first vid it looks kinda like a catfish at glance

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