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Discussion in 'Vice President' started by grimmett, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. grimmett

    grimmett Tang

    Created forum for admin/mod
    Created forum rules and guidelines for mods to follow
  2. edman

    edman Guest

    Cool, so how can we all see what ya'll talking about!
    Just joking
  3. grimmett

    grimmett Tang

    Now thats a funny one. Its like a members only. You should never know we even exist haha
  4. meco65

    meco65 Wrasse

    007, Men in black that kind of thing hua.
  5. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    They would drop to their knees and cry if they knew what some of us are capable of !!!
  6. edman

    edman Guest

    They have secret meetings at places with secret rooms with ninja fighters kung fu fighting!
  7. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    Priceless Norman

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