New Stock at The Fish Tank

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  1. TFTank

    TFTank Plankton

    New critters and Figi rock!
    Yasa Hashe Gobies (+pistols)
    Neon Pseudo
    Springeri Pseudo
    Gorgeous Blonde Naso
    Humu Humu Trigger
    Solorensis Wrasse
    Small Blue Hippo
    Atlantic Pygmy Angel
    Golden Angel
    Two Spot Blennies
    Black and Gold Chromis
    Bluestripe Neon Gobies
    Cinnamon, Green, and Yellow Clown Gobies
    Baby Yellow and Blue Watchmen (+pistols)
    Teeeeeeny, tiny Volitans
    Porcupine and Valentini Puffer
    And lots more!

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