November Frag Fest!!

Discussion in 'Club Meeting Info' started by portereef, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. portereef

    portereef RRMAS Supporter

    Hey everyone who's ready for the fall Frag fest???? I know I am! If you made it to the last one and saw the raffle prizes that you could win you'll want to come to this one for sure!! This months meeting will be on the 16th @ 10:30 am at the new LIVE ROCK AQUATICS store in little rock off Rodney parham in west little rock. We are really excited to be able to host an event at the new store and would like to make this a warm welcome into the area as a store!
  2. portereef

    portereef RRMAS Supporter

    Hey everyone WHO IS READY for this weekend?? I have a bunch of amazing prizes for the raffle. There are some pretty awesome corals that we will be fragging. Bring your friends it will be a fun time for sure!
  3. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    What do you need from us Aaron?
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  4. portereef

    portereef RRMAS Supporter

    I need to organize food.
    1. MAIN- chili with AND without beans
    2. Fritos,doritos, oyster cracker?? Cheese whatever your favorite addition to chili is!
    3. Drinks- @Adam Mulling
    4. dessert- we won't tell anyone no for dessert so yes bring your favorite
    5. topics to talk about
    6. raffle money----We got some cool stuff this time maybe even a fish???
    Other than that please tell me what I am missing. I will bring the tables and the light to show off the corals but they might just keep the corals in the frag tanks. Bring someone with you that is interested if you have someone that asks questions or isn't sure. We would like to see this club grow!
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  5. graciesdad

    graciesdad Treasurer Staff Member

    We are bringing chili. Feel free to bring fritos doritos cheese etc. Hope to see lots of folks there.
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  6. Adam Mulling

    Adam Mulling Blenny

    Can do drinks
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  7. xystic

    xystic Wrasse

    Was gonna stop by and check out the new store ;)
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  8. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    If I can make it I will bring deserts.
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  9. portereef

    portereef RRMAS Supporter

    Come on down we are going to be giving away so awesome stuff
  10. roco

    roco Blenny

    I will bring Fritos and cheese.
  11. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Anyone have issues with their monti frag? When I got home the water was very cold and tissue was pealing off the frag. Within an hour it was dead and stark white. Hopefully it was just my frag.
  12. Adam Mulling

    Adam Mulling Blenny

    Yep I had the same issue but figured I did something wrong
  13. portereef

    portereef RRMAS Supporter

    Mine was stressed but wasn't totally gone.

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