NWAAS October: Cichlids of the Lake Victoria Basin (Greg Steeves, TX)

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    Greg's bio:
    I began keeping fish at a very early age. I can remember watching sticklebacks nest in the local pond in the 1st or 2nd grade (I would stop by on my way from school and usually arrive home filthy and late much to my mother’s delight I’m sure). It was around this time I got my first aquarium and was instantly hooked on the hobby. As my age increased so did my number of aquariums. This got totally out of hand when I married Lee Ann, a fellow fish geek. With no check valve in place, we have expanded to two fish rooms with well over 100 aquariums and multiple ponds.

    I started maintaining haplochromine cichlids over 20 years ago and they remain my passion to this day. Collectively, the Steeves’ have bred more that 150 species of fish, the majority being African cichlids. When I moved to Texas from Canada, I helped form the Hill Country Cichlid Club and in recent years, taken on the presidency of the Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies. I am fortunate to be invited to speak regularly at organizations across North America on Haplochromine cichlids and Texas Natives. I’ve written for many magazines around the world that have been translated into twelve different languages (I’ve been counting). I have written three books which I am very proud of. Lee Ann and I truly enjoy attending fish conventions and seeing old and new friends, the element that makes this hobby the best in the world!

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