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    LITTLE ROCK, AR 72201

    501-537-3474 (FISH)

    TUES - FRI 11-6
    SAT. 10-5
    Located conveniently across the street from Park Plaza Mall in mid town Little Rock is The Fish Tank, Arkansas only local fish store dedicated to only saltwater fish. The boutique atmosphere features several leather couches and a big screen LCD TV to sit and lounge while you take in all that the store has to offer the marine hobbyist. With over 1500 gallons of water in their tanks their is something for everyone. *The coral tank displays offer SPS, LPS and softie corals in all sized colonies and colors. A stunning display of coral frags and clams *allows for top viewing so that you can appreciate the true coral colors. The Fish Tank carries several complete lines of chemicals, salts, hardware and foods for the discriminating aquarist. Look to The Fish Tank before going online for all of your needs. The Fish Tank is a new experience for the marine hobbyist.*
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  3. Went by the store today & met Chris and his staff - all very nice guys, I even bought a fish.  Spent about an hour there talking & looking over the store - very competitive pricing (close to online), nice selection & it just getting going, will have corals & fish - have a few now & lots of tanks with stock coming in everyday - beautiful store design & layout - very clean & nice looking !
    Can highly recommend !  [​IMG]
    Will post pic of my new fish in my tank thread.
  4. austinl01

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    I can't wait to check it out. I guess I'll be there when my wife goes shopping at Park Plaza! Ha!
  5. wlyon

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    I know where I'll be on my day off next week.
  6. To help everyone locate it... it's on the side of the building....the building right next to  Chick-Fil-A  [​IMG]
  7. Bump... this thread got a pic - store hours & location [​IMG]

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