Used tank sale, today and tomorrow only!

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  1. TFTank

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    Today and tomorrow ONLY: all used tanks are $100 off with the condition they are out of my store by close on Tuesday night!
    Red Sea Max: Originally: $700 Mon/Tues price: $600

    90 Gallon drilled w/ sump: Originally: $500 Mon/Tues price: $400
    (There are 2 Vegas which can be purchased additionally for $200 - one will need a new power supply which we can order for you)

    75 Gallon, stand, strip light, and Marineland filter: Originally $300 Mon/Tues price: 200

    29 Gallon stand, canopy, Marineland filter, 2 T 5 bulbs: Orginally $200, Mon/Tues price: $100 - There are 2 of these.
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    Was curious if you have any skimmers in hand. Im building a 90 gallon with a 35 gal sump and still shopping for equipment

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