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  1. TFTank

    TFTank Plankton

    I have 3 AI Sols that I would like to sell as a package (all 3 together) for $450
    Two AI Vegas - $500 together
    180 Gallon: stand, canopy drilled sump, skimmer (no lights) - Asking $700 MAKE AN OFFER!!!!
    90 Gallon: drilled, very nice cabinetry, sump, skimmer, 3 AI Sols -
    Asking $1800
    56 Gallon: Aquatic Life 4 Bulb T5 fixture, Fluval G3 Filter, Del Tec Skimmer - $450 firm
    This is a steal! It was originally marked at $700.
    72 Gallon Bowfront: Drilled, Sump, Skimmer, $600 no stand in the store but we will order it ($600 includes new stand)
    Two AI Vegas - $500 together
    Make some offers, people! Momma wants to buy some new livestock!
  2. doubleorange

    doubleorange Plankton

    The 3 AI SOLs...
    Are they SOL Blues?
    Are they white or black plastic casing?

  3. TFTank

    TFTank Plankton

    They are blues, and they have a white casing.

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