What's up with this Duncan?

Discussion in 'Corals' started by RSC, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. RSC

    RSC Plankton

    Noticing some tentacles seem to be distressed. Any suggestions as to what is going on? It is only on the lower right. 20200426_120810.jpg
  2. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Mine does that all the time. Usually it's just for a few minutes or hours. Often it's from something disturbing or touching them...for instance if a fish swims by or if I touch them while doing maintenance.

    If it's constant it could be from disease. You could try taking it out and dipping it in Revive or something similar.
  3. Jake atkinson

    Jake atkinson Wrasse

    Could be cowns sucking on the tips also if you have a pair. Mine do this to my duncan. They use it as their imitation anemone. Just watch and observe for as long as you can.
  4. RSC

    RSC Plankton

    I've concluded it must have been irritation from the Torch next to it. Moved things around and it appears to be on the rebound.
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