BOD Transitions

Discussion in 'President' started by schillerstreetreef, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Wanted to start a thread about the BOD transitions primarily as a reminder for myself of all the things that need to be addressed.  I plan on just editing this post as a think of things.
    President:  Turn in Credit Card, New Officer Server Access to get to Archives (very important - this is where all RRMAS documents are), Permissions Changed for all BOD that need them i.e. server, aMember, forum.
    Treasurer: Access to Server Archives, Avery Program for creating memberships, QuickBooks Program
    Things to Bring to January meeting: Brochures / Projector / Screen / Audio Equipment / Card Laminator
  2. Found Square Card reader to turn over to Treasurer
    President - Photos of all events - very important to website

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