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Discussion in 'General Reef Discussion' started by whippetguy, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Great find John! One thing that I commonly see people express is what he also repeats and I don't believe it's correct. O2 levels have little or nothing to do with pH. It's basically an equilibrium with CO2 between the liquid/gas interface of the water and air.

    Night time drop in pH is due to everything metabolically active in the tank producing CO2 and nothing consuming it (no photosynthesis). It rises in the daytime because photosynthetic plants and corals are consuming CO2. A good example of the equalibrium is what happens when you have a large number of people in the room where the tank is. CO2 levels rise and pH therefore drops. I see a drop of bout 0.1 in pH with 20 or so people in the house.

    Regardless of which is true, he's right. pH is pretty meaningless for us to chase and doing so with buffers (alkalinity additives) not only won't work, it can cause some terrible consequences for our tanks inhabitants.
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    Thanks for sharing that John, that really makes me want to get one!
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    Me too, I hate cleaning my skimmers.
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    Hi all! (I just put this in the Products section) duh of me :)

    I came across this site today for the divers amongst us (I would love to join those ranks someday!). Anyway, check out the fluorescence photos taken by these lights, I think are pretty amazing.

    Hope everyone is doing well. :)
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    Whoa that’s pretty cool! @huntindoc you need one of these!

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