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Discussion in 'Nano Reefs' started by whippetguy, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    At our last meeting, I was inspired to start a nano tank. It's an Innovative Marine Nuvo 16g.

    16g tank
    AquaC Remora skimmer
    Hydor Pico Evo powerhead
    stock lights (probably only strong enough for softies, and some LPS)
    50w ViaAqua heater, if needed

    Planned livestock/substrate:
    Reefgrade Caribsea aragonite
    ~10-20 lbs live rock

    Shrimp/goby pair (definite)
    Tanaka's or possum wrasse (probable)
    tailspot or barnacle blenny (possible)
    clown goby (possible)
    Hector's or Rainford goby (possible)

    Coral: zoas, leather, ricordea, euphyllia (these should do okay with stock lighting)

    I'm planning on 3, possibly 4 of those small fish, not all of them. Does that sound feasible in this size tank. That skimmer should do more than well for my size tank.

    Would love any input or suggestions. Will get some photos up as soon as I get things going.
  2. wlyon

    wlyon Guest

    I love how everyone is getting a nano tank :) I have more fun with my 5 gallon than my big tank some times.

    The only thing I noticed is the hydor pico power heads. I had 2 of the 160 gph in my five gallon, and it had a tendency to suck fish to it (since it's designed like a return pump instead of a wave maker) I ended up having to remove them after my damsel got sucked to it for the third time and he almost lost an eye. I now have 2 koralia nano 240gph in it.

    Other than that it should be a sweet set up, I like those tanks a lot!
  3. gregnlr

    gregnlr Grouper

    Can't wait to see pictures
  4. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    :)I got rock for sale.

    Raffle grabber
  5. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    Here some photos of my set up. Will be adding water next week.


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  6. monkeybone87

    monkeybone87 Administrator Staff Member

    Lookin good!
  7. brad0816reef

    brad0816reef Guest

  8. wlyon

    wlyon Guest

    You know you have enough filtration when your skimmer is taller than your tank haha!
  9. brad0816reef

    brad0816reef Guest

    Hey John, have you had any progress on the tank?
  10. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    I've not been feeling well and extremely busy this past week so I postponed filling it. Will do it this week, I'm off the 3rd so will try and get my rockscape set up. I did get a toy that I set up to watch my tanks, dogs, or whatever I'd like to focus on. It's a dropcam, just hook it up to wifi and then plug it in to any outlet in your home and you can monitor anything. Right now I have it on my main tank. Here is the link if you want to take a look.
  11. brad0816reef

    brad0816reef Guest

    Get to feeling better soon and I cant wait to see your aquascape!!!! I will definitely check out the link!!!
  12. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    Got my rocks in today. I put a ball of chaeto hoping to avoid the horrible algae cycles with it absorbing all the nutrients. Here's my first photo, still a touch cloudy with some microbubbles, too.

  13. brad0816reef

    brad0816reef Guest

    Looking good!!! you could try some SPS at the top like the fish tank has
  14. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    Got my first critter in the tank after my clean up crew straightened things up for me. Also, having the chaeto ball in the tank during the cycle I believe really helped reduce the amount of messy algae cycles that the tank usually goes through.

  15. Kim

    Kim Secretary Staff Member


    Nice first addition. I've always like shrimp, but I can't have them due to my other fish. Maybe when I move into the new house I'll set up a nano so I can have some.

    Kim/Benton, AR
  16. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    Was messing around this evening and caught my combtooth blenny giving my clownfish the stinkeye so I decided to catch it on my phone and went ahead and made a little video of the tank. It's a bit shaky, I'm no professional by any means. You might notice some zoa's that I just picked up at Calvin's this past weekend.

  17. monkeybone87

    monkeybone87 Administrator Staff Member


    ......insert clever sign off here.....
  18. reefmann

    reefmann Guest

    Every blenny I have ever owned has wound up carpet surfing.
  19. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    I don't have carpet in either of my tank rooms :p seriously, though, I have covers on both my tanks. I lost several freshwater specimens in my day from suicidal ideation and then following through.
  20. Kim

    Kim Secretary Staff Member

    Nice! Like how it's coming along.

    Kim/Benton, AR

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