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Discussion in 'President' started by fisher12, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    I am glad to see there has been some nice posts on the subject of membership or not. I have always been of the opinion that if anyone is in the least bit inrerested in the hobby and gaining information from our members the club is the place to start. I would like to see more of what can I do for the club than what can the club do for me. I feel if you participate you should contribute. Thanks for all the paid members and look forward to seeing more new memberships come in so we can continue to be the place to go for information in the Arkansas reef community.
  2. monkeybone87

    monkeybone87 Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, I know that I have learned a ton from different individuals in the club, as well as now seeing a return on my investment becoming a sponsor.

    This club certainly helped me stock my first tank, just the free frags had most of a 75 gallon tank full. If nothing else, the free frags are worth the membership. Over the course of a year, you probably get close to 25 - 30 frags. Most big events give out at least 3 frags for admission, almost every meeting has a free frag at least, and of course lunch is always superb. 

    Where else can you get frags for $1? Even the cheapest retailer isn't going to be able to give you that good of a deal. And that doesn't even take into account the fact that you have tons of knowledgeable people that can help you with almost any tank issue you have.

    And those wonderful members also trim back their corals and practically give them away! Phlash13 just posted that he will be selling red monti cap frags from $5 - $10! That's at LEAST $5 off the best price I've seen online, plus you don't have to pay shipping!

    If you add up all the benefits and compare it to the membership cost of $25, you find that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Just my 2 cents :) Happy Reefing everyone!
  3. pufferluv

    pufferluv Guest

    I have been wondering about something.  I mainly like soft corals and do not have the lighting for hard corals yet anyways.  What kind of corals are normaly available?
  4. monkeybone87

    monkeybone87 Administrator Staff Member

    It varies each meeting, sometimes a soft coral, sometimes a hard coral.

    Another cool thing about the meetings is the trading though. I'm sure if there were a hard coral being passed out at the meeting, you could probably trade to some one for a soft coral.

    The networking is what is the most valuable aspect of the club.

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  5. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    The largest soft coral or any coral in my tank for that matter is a sinularia I got at the December meeting.  My tank was still just a few months old and I wasn't ready to take on sps yet so there was an option for a sps or a softie to take home. It was so large that I wouldn't have called it a frag when I got it.  Having 2 choices of frags isn't the norm, but it happens now and then.  Last meeting, I got a huge piece of chalice which is thriving.  The blasto I got at my first ever meeting is one of my favorite corals.  I've gottena variety of zoas and a kenya tree from other members in the club.

    I'm more in favor of joining the club just to support the hobby in the state.  The frags and fellowship are just a bonus that comes with it.
  6. pufferluv

    pufferluv Guest

    Ok thanks, that makes since.
  7. ljinks

    ljinks Tang

    i would suggest you post something just  like you did, many of us have soft /easy beginner corals they would be willing to part with for little to zero money. had you posted you wanted some soft corals about 2 weeks ago you could have picked thru the rock vat i just took down.
    my newest tank is all LPS/sps under LED lighting.i am trying to keep from having any soft corals in this tank because im trying to help further the LED debate and prove their growth potential.

    i have a hammer and frogspawn in the tank just because they are the last few heads of a colony that has been with me for a lonnnnng time.
    and zoas that the wife " must " have.

    blake of christmas coral farm and i both live just up the road from you in austin along with a few others in the club.
    im sure any of us would be available for questions or just a tour
  8. pufferluv

    pufferluv Guest

    Aaaw now I'm sad.  That's ok, I'll have plenty more chances.  Ok, I'm trying to figure out how to become a full member but I can't figure it out.  Can soeone tell me what to do?  Also, I'm hoping to go to the meeting tomorrow if my husband and I don't go to the piggie game.  I like what your doing with the LEDs.  I used to hate them but they have come such a long way.  There is so much control over color and light strength.  I only have one LED fixture but it is just fresh water but I love it.  I think it is my prettiest tank.
  9. ljinks

    ljinks Tang

    should be as easy as going to my profile  in the upper bar and from there just paying for it thru paypal... but of course its been awhile since i setup so one of the officers /webmaster may have to walk you thru that...

    calvin is pretty quick about responses to problems with the website just pm him if you have problems
  10. pufferluv

    pufferluv Guest

    How do I contact Calvin?  I just tried to do it and it said, "<span>Cannot use FREE payment plugin with the product which cost more than 0.0"</span>
  11. ljinks

    ljinks Tang

    he is skrillnet a few posts above..
  12. pufferluv

    pufferluv Guest

    Do i have to make a whole new profile?
  13. ljinks

    ljinks Tang

    of course not....

    sounds like you just found a glitch on a certain page.
  14. pufferluv

    pufferluv Guest

    I have refreshed and tried it several times now and it keeps saying the same thing.  I went under My Profile and went under my free membership and purchased the $25 membership then it says I can't do it.  I think I'm missing something.  I might be going to the meeting tomorrow so I would like to do this tonight if possible.
  15. ljinks

    ljinks Tang

    you can always just pay  directly at the meeting
  16. pufferluv

    pufferluv Guest

    Sweet, sounds like a plan to me dude.
  17. pufferluv

    pufferluv Guest

    Then can I have a cute little picture too?

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